Petspreferus eCommerce Website

After working on developing a few eCommerce sites for clients, I thought I might get in on the action myself.  My wife and I bought from a mutual friend, who at the time, had a very modest site design with no content or product management system. The time the site was online, which to search engines, is a valuable asset.  It some existing customer traffic.  So, I redesigned the site with CMS and product management system.  And a little attention to search engine optimization, and product visibility and sales shot up.  However, there is only so much money to be made on pet collars.  Maybe we'll expand our product offerings in the future.  But, for the time being, it has proven invaluable in eCommerce website development and day to day opperations.

Feel free to tap my experience, give me a call to get started on your new eStore.