Android Canes Live Wallpaper

The official Miami Hurricanes Live Wallpaper!  
* Interactive 3D UM Logo, Ibis, and Helmet
* Gyroscope movement enabled
* Choose logo colors and background combinations
* Turn on/off logo rotation, and choose rotation rate
* Animated desktop paging
* Optimized for smart phones and tablets
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The last 3 years...

For the last three years I've worked with Office Depot Global headquarters, in Boca Raton as a B2B contractor.  My development team worked on Office Depot's European presence, Viking Direct.   Viking represnts many countries, in many language combinations, a total of over 40 website permutations, supporting over $2 Billion in online commerce.  In those 3 years, my team changed DRASTICALLY!  When I started as a Sr UI (User Interface) Developer, in October 2011, I was 1 of 2 UI Developers, and 1 of 6 total developers on the team.  


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Faces Me Website

Color Correction: Thespians

I did color correction for this film while working at Cineworks Digital Studios.  Be sure to check out the Thespians Movie Website @ http://www.thespiansthemovie.com/ This was my first experience color correcting a feature length documentary.  I worked directly with the film's production staff and director in this effort. 

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Petspreferus eCommerce Website

CineArt Logo Animaiton

Cineworks Website Design

Go Carz Website Design

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Demo Reel 2008

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Ocean Energy Animation


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FEMA Animation

Reggae Report Web Site Design

Portfolio Category:

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Kros Technologies Web Site Design