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Tilt Control

You'll notice that there was no entry for yesterday.  I was caring for Eva again, since our child care is still sick.  
Thought I was able to sneak in a little modeling.  I'm finding the sleeves of the jersey to be a little tricky.  I might have to have one of my pro modeler buddies double check my work.  

Back to work! Modeling Sebastian

Ahhh.. the first real work day since I've been back from vacation. I'm excited to get into it!  I'm expecting good progress on Sebastian today.  Hopefully building out much more of his body.  

A quick pulse check of things left to do before shipping. 

More 3D modeling progress.

I'm going for a paddle this morning (paddle boarding), but squeazed in some quick modeling work.  Here's the update.  Gotta go!

Back from vacation update...

I'm just back from a week vacation in Pennsylvania.  PA is beautiful... and remote.  SO, my connectivity was very limited.  While most of the days were full with my cousin's graduation, I was able to utilize some mornings for development.  I kept a log!  So, I'll dump that below to keep my development blog alive and well......


Background Texture Menus

I closed today.  It seems that this issue, or something similar is already on the table.  If I can, I'll implement a purposed fix later on, when time permits.  Since I already have a work around in place, I'll just keep on keeping on for now.


Texture repeat, UV Scaling, and Next steps

Getting started a little late today.  I had a Dr appointment for my hearing. 

libGDX Relative and Absolute Paths aren't working on Android
Otherwise, I just submitted a bug report to libGDX for the issue I'm experiencing with Android and absolute or relative path linking.  This should illustrate a little better:

Texture repeat, app icon

Today's Goal: Texture repeat on a mesh/material/or UV set in libGDX


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