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LibGDX Gyroscope Implementation for Android

Edit on Jan 5 2016 - This was merged into libGDX master branch. 
libGDX now supports Gyroscope sensors on Android!

It's ON!

The University of Miami has approved the final artwork submission for my app! Novak Corp is now the OFFICIALLY licensed Live wallpaper provider for UM! Expect the app to go live on Sept 5, the first game of the season. Stay tuned for Play Store promotion codes! GO CANES!!



Trumpts sound loud, flags wave abound, in the steady winds of change!  Victory is at hand!  

I have grasped the power of GLSL firm enough to plunge it forthwith into the beast of ignorance.  And, once again, the app does run smoothly to the delight of it's maker.

...not sure where that came from, I think I blacked out.. sorry.

....and we're back.

FYI, if you're trying to root your Samsung Note 8.0 through a VirtualBox machine, don't forget to install the VirtualBox Extension Pack, and enable USB 2.0 in your VBox Settings menu.  That makes life a lot easier.  I have a Windows XP.... yes really.... VM that I use for my Windows odds and ends.  I was trying to use that to apply the patch when, to my dismay, the VM was blue screening with a BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER message and some cryptic fault code.  

GLSL Debugging Continues!

So, I made SOME progress on debugging GLSL using Apple's Shader Builder, which you can download from, with a free Apple Developer's account.

On the hunt for GLSL Toolset.

Wow!  Is GLSL ever the red-headed bastard child of computer graphics?  It seems there is very little in the way of debugging the stuff.  Especially in the ways of OpenGL ES for Android.  Today I've added on this thread: .  

GLSL Debugging

I'm going to learn how to debug GLSL on mobile devices today.  

I got a good hint form xoppa on the badlogic forum.  I'm currently downloading the Adreno profiler and watching a video on how to use it.  

Tackling the GLSL Shader

Ladies and gentlemen, WELCOME to the MAIN EVENT!  With the Gyro control straightened out, I'm off to uncharted territory.  Not that everything that I've done upto this point wasn't uncharted, just this is uncharted... still.  I have a feeling it's going to be rough.  So, by default, I wimpered for help....


Development Continues

Before I get too far without an update, I better say a few words.  

More Gyroscope Implementation

Yesterday.. I was so locked into getting the Tilt Control Class done that I forgot to post!   


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