LibGDX Gyroscope Implementation for Android

Edit on Jan 5 2016 - This was merged into libGDX master branch. 
libGDX now supports Gyroscope sensors on Android!

libGDX may soon support mobile Gyroscope sensors!  This is my first bonafied open source contribution.

I've always been a big fan of open source software.  Starting with Blender ( as a young artist with no money.  When "pay to play" applications like Maya and 3D Studio Max dominate the industry, I gravitated to Blender, became familiar with it's tools set, and haven't gone back.  

For the UM application, I evaluated libGDX against other lightweight game frameworks.  Ultimately, libGDX came out on top due to it's mesh loading workflow and existing shaders (though, if you look through my blog I've ran into some issues there).  One feature that I found I couldn't do without is the Gyroscope.  There were no existing hooks which exposed the Gyro sensor on android to the framework.  So, I put them in!  ;-)  You can check or review my code here:


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