....and we're back.

FYI, if you're trying to root your Samsung Note 8.0 through a VirtualBox machine, don't forget to install the VirtualBox Extension Pack, and enable USB 2.0 in your VBox Settings menu.  That makes life a lot easier.  I have a Windows XP.... yes really.... VM that I use for my Windows odds and ends.  I was trying to use that to apply the patch when, to my dismay, the VM was blue screening with a BUGCODE_USB_DRIVER message and some cryptic fault code.  

I wound up downloading a beta version of Windows 8 and installed as a VM, in the case that it was something unsupported in XP related.  It too, had a similar issue, though, in this case, it wouldn't mount the device at all.  Anywho, after installing the Extension Pack, everything worked like a well oiled machine.  I now have a rooted Samsung Note 8.0 that I can test on.  Now, let's install that patch so we can listen to the graphics driver on the device....


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