Development Continues

Before I get too far without an update, I better say a few words.  

I got hung up.  In order to expose Androids Gyroscope hardware output to libGDX, I needed to checkout and extend libGDX itself, as there was not support, or even hooks into the Gyro sensors to utilize.  Actually writing the code to read and hand off the sensor data was the easy part.  But, I played hell with getting my project environment to accept the newly compiled .jar files.  After days of reading through the net and requesting help from friends, my app is happily using the sensor data as intended.  But, boy was that a setback.  

To rest my mind from the pandamonium, I diverted and did a couple other things outside of focused gyroscope gyrations.  I started roughing out the idea for the website, and product page.

And, further modeling on Sebastian is looking good! 

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