Back to work! Modeling Sebastian

Ahhh.. the first real work day since I've been back from vacation. I'm excited to get into it!  I'm expecting good progress on Sebastian today.  Hopefully building out much more of his body.  

A quick pulse check of things left to do before shipping. 

  • Sebastian
    No special hurdles here, just doing the work takes time.
    • Modeling
    • Texturing
      • Normal Mapping 
      • Texture Paint
  • Tilt Control
    Bound to be tricky.  As mentioned in previous entries, this is going to require extending the libGDX library.  It'll be great to get a credit as a contributor on the libGDX GitHub project.  I should consider omitting this feature based on the amount of perceived work involved.  I'll mentally back burner this for the time being.  This project is stringing out too long.
  • GLSL Shader
    • Extend libGDX Base Shader for OpenGL ES
      Must support:
      • Normal mapping
      • Specular mapping
      • Environment mapping

Notes on GLSL:
Thus far, I've considered several different avenues to accomplish this task.  I have been able to extract the GLSL from ThreeJS using a killer little Chrome plugin, Shader Editor.  I'll have to give this one a shot too, looks cool.  My other option is to try and fix a bug causing the test shader in libGDX source to crash on OpenGL ES.  The problem with that,,,  GLSL is a super huge pain in the ars to debug.  

But, for right now..... back to modeling. Yes! 

HOLD THE PHONE!!!!  My work day has been ambushed.  Our child care folded, so I get to spend the day with my daughter.  That's wonderful.  I love spending time with Eva.  But, the app get's abandoned today, the thought of which gives me hives.  I'm thinking this will be the case the whole week.  

I was able to squeeze in a little modeling at the end of the day.  Here's where I am now:

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