Texture repeat, UV Scaling, and Next steps

Getting started a little late today.  I had a Dr appointment for my hearing. 

libGDX Relative and Absolute Paths aren't working on Android
Otherwise, I just submitted a bug report to libGDX for the issue I'm experiencing with Android and absolute or relative path linking.  This should illustrate a little better: https://github.com/libgdx/libgdx/issues/3179

I have a solution for this though.  If I don't load a texutre straight from the g3dj file that contains the model/mesh, that will keep the texture files in the materials directory, as I have them now.  Post loading the model/mesh, I'd load further g3dj files which only contain the texture data.  So, by default, any model would not load with a default material containing a texture map.  Any texture map will always be loaded from the materials directory.  

libGDX UV scaling and/or texture repeat
The method of handling texture repeat by UV mapping outside 0 to 1 was confirmed.  While that is not ideal for my purposes, I'll have to go forward with that in the short term.  I can try to extend libGDX to support texture scaling/repeating at a later date and maybe contribute to the project.
For the full thread: http://www.badlogicgames.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1978 

Let's see... what's next today?  I could:

  • Build the UI to change the background preferences
  • Fix all helmet materials with the same solution deemed for the background materials.
  • After all, you still have a couple more helmet themes to design
    • Alternate helmet theme orange
    • Alternate helmet theme green
  • Design some more background materials
    • Different variations on a tiled "Miami" logo/font
      • grey on white
      • orange on green
    • Carbon Fiber material - diffuse, normal, and spec mapped
    • Maybe like a tie dyed material with just orange and green?
    • Solid color choices
      • black
      • white
      • green
  • I still need to model "Sebastian", the Ibis team mascot. (That'll be a day in itself, at the least).
  • Let's not forget the Gyro or Accelerometer Tilt function. (This will be a doozy).

While I've cleared a lot of ground on this project so far.  I still have some way to go to get it to market.  Heads down, here we go.


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